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People search for information, products and services on search engines like Google, Bing etc. If a website ranks better and appears on the first page and top positions then this website will generate leads and traffic. To make a website rank better on search engines we do search engine optimization.

If the competition for search keywords is less then we can have better ranking. Is the competition is more than it becomes tougher to make websites rank better. The algorythm of search engines for ranking is secret and it keeps changing. But we can follow the guidelines of Google to optimize for search engines.

The main things to do is to build the website with a proper structure with semantic tags, use proper 'H' tags hirarchy, Optimize the loading speed of all pages, responsive design, quality and relevant content, researching keywords and using in the url, content, title and description of pages. Besides all these quality backlinks.

The following things we do to Search Engine Optimization for your website.


Website Structure

We use proper semantic tags for the search engine to understand the structure. We use relevant title and description tags with the right search keywords for each page. We add sitemap for the search engine not to miss any page. These things help in better ranking of the website.

Loading Speed

Websites should load faster to create good user experience. We optimize the images to right sizes for large screens and mobile devices with the less memory consuming formats. We reduce the render blocking time of scripts and style sheets to make the websites load faster.

Easy Navigation

It should not be difficult for the user to search and view content on any website. Proper internal links are provided to jump to the relevant content. Sticky menus and scroll to top buttons are provide to have access to the main menu and to scroll to the top of the page.

We thoroughly check all the broken links and remove them. 404 page is included with a link to the home page.

Keywords Research

We do research to choose the right keywords for your business. These keywords are used in the title, description, url and the content.

The content should be original and high quality related to the topic. Content helps in ranking websites better. Content can be displayed on the pages, blogs or articles.


Backlinks are linking to your website from other websites. If you have quality backlinks then it helps your website in ranking better. Increasing the number of baklinks takes time.


If there is lot of competetion for a given set of keywords then it is difficult to achieve better ranking. We do research on competitors keywords and find keywords related to your business which are not used by competitors.

Local SEO

SEO strategy should be to target the local market if your business is local. For International businesses we suggest to have subdomains for each target market and do SEO for each target demography till you become famous international brand.

The process of SEO takes time to achieve better ranking. We need to constantly work updating more and more quality content and build the number of backlinks. We need to constantly research the performing keywords and add them to the website.

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