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Custom Website Development

Custom websites give you freedom to choose your own design and layouts. you can choose your own colors, fonts as per your branding style. As your business grows you can scale up.

We develop different types of websites for different needs. We develop professional business websites, Portfolio websites, Landing pages etc. Besides an attracting UI we follow the on page SEO guidelines of Google to rank better on search engines. The websites that we develop come with the following features.


Responsive design

Whether laptops, tablets or mobile devices our websites look good without overflowing the viewable areas. Our websites look good in all screen sizes.

Fast loading

Render blocking scripts, styles sheets and high resolution and large size images make the pages load slowly and it gives bad user expeience. We optimize images and take care of render blocking items to make websites load faster. Fast loading websites rank higher in search engines.


We use the right semantic tags and 'H' tags hirarchy. Our websites are Search Engine Optimized. Search Engine Optimized websites rank higher in search engines and generate more organic traffic. We use the right titles and description for each page we create. We use the right keywords in the title to increase the SEO ratings.

Easy Navigation and Internal Linking

We use different methods for for easy navigation. In whichever position the visitor is on any page the sticky header will be there to navigate to differnt pages and the footer with the important links on the page. If sticky menu is not used then we use scroll up button to move to the header.

Different pages are linked internally to move to different areas of the website. We beliveve in presenting the data or content in a proper structure rather than filling unneccesay data and it will be confusing to search for the relevant content for any visitor.


We use contrasting forecolors and background colors for the content to display properly. Right font sizes are selected for proer visibility. The visitor to the website should not have difficulty in reading content

Development from Design

We convert any design format like AdobeXD, Figma, Zeplin, PSD etc to a fully functional, pixel perfect website.

API Integration

We connect external servers through APIs (Application Programming Interface) to display data on the websites

Tailor made features

We provide custom features and functions as per your requirements.

Website Maintenance

We provide annual maintenance at an extra charge. One year support is provided for breakdowns and any technical issues.

Web Hosting

There are many hosting companies and some threir servers have good performance and they have good technical support. We will select the right hosting comapny to host your website.

Contact us to discuss if you have any project.

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